Underwater Discovery and Nature Experience in the Baltic Sea

UNDINE – a marine environmental awareness project named after a water spirit – will carry you off: to unknown depths, to weird and wonderful sea life and to fascinating habitats below the surface. It will reveal that our native Baltic Sea is much more attractive, diverse and in need of protection than is generally assumed.

So: Take a deep breath, hold it, and let’s take the plunge!

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UNDINE ist jetzt immer dabei – als App für Android-Smartphones! Hier geht's zum kostenlosen App-Download und hier zur Web-Version.

Baltic Sea videos

Better than a crackling fireplace! Sit back and relax while watching the latest UNDINE videos.

Online Baltic Sea game

Dive into the virtual world of the Baltic and learn about its many inhabitants during an exciting treasure hunt!

Book about Baltic sealife

Underwater photographer Dietmar Reimer highlights the flora and fauna of Baltic shallow waters in stunning images.

Common goals

UNDINE is a partner of the programme "Das Meer – Unser Blaues Wunder".