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Moving pictures from the Baltic Sea

As part of the UNDINE project, several short films were created to visualise the beauty, diversity and conservation value of our native brackish-water sea life. They enable us to take an authentic look at the Baltic's shallow-water habitats, which have not been documented very well so far, and introduce coastal inhabitants and visitors to fascinating marine organisms. At the same time, the films can be used in courses that focus on the Baltic Sea ecosystem beneath the surface.

© Dietmar Reimer - Facelina snails with egg ribbons
© Wolf Wichmann - Common Sea Stars and Plumose Sea Anemones
© Holger Berndt - Common Hermit Crab
Links to the videos

Introduction: for a general overview over the marine life of the Fehmarn Belt (without commentary)
Habitats: for an introduction to the various habitat types in the Baltic Sea (without commentary)
Places: to gain insight into specific coastal regions on the Danish side and special encounters with nature (without commentary)
Education: for a documentary that is commented

Use of the UNDINE films

The short films produced by UNDINE can be viewed online or broadcast on screens at different qualities. They can also be downloaded with both lower and higher resolutions at the Material Download section. In this way, they can be used offline for different purposes and on various end devices.

The films without a commentary are to be employed in tourist information or water sports centres or public institutions.

The educational films with a German or Danish commentary, which highlight and portray different aspects of our local marine realm, can be used by multiplicators such as teachers and nature guides for school and out-of-school programmes.

In addition, two films by the German Nature Conservation Agency have been included on the UNDINE website, since they inform about the Natura 2000 site "Fehmarn Belt" as well as about the harbour porpoises that live there.

Sources of the UNDINE photos and footage

The photos and footage used for the UNDINE films mainly stems from snorkellers and divers who have been in Fehmarn Belt waters on private or free-lance terms and provided their material free of charge. However, various sequences were also donated by scientific institutions and agencies. The raw footage of multi-hour length was processed by the AG GeoMedien at the CAU Kiel

All the films that inform about different coastal locations in Denmark were produced by Søren Larsen who, as a professional marine biologist and underwater videograph, has been engaged by the Vordingborg Udviklingsselskab specifically for this purpose.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to everyone involved in the making of these films!

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